неделя, 20 юли 2014 г.

Santa Muerte !!!!

It's time for art attack.
Won't lie to you...Won't be humble...Wow!I'm so good.Long time since I've made such a good mani.Final thoughts - I'm impressed.Of myself.
Forgive my complacency.It's just....well,I don't know how to explain it.Just hope you,lovelies,will enjoy today's mani as much as I do.
- Used -
Models Own Purple Haze
Essence Color&go 87 Passion for fashion
NYX Carnival
Flormar 429
arcylic paints and fine brush

2 коментара:

  1. This nail art is very awesome, so it's natural that you're feeling proud of your work ;) I also really like how you use different nail polishes in 1 manicure. I would have liked to see a closeup picture of the skull nail, so I could see it in detail ;)