неделя, 2 декември 2018 г.

Back to basics with Born Pretty Store!!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
It's been a while since my last post here on the blog. 

What we have this time?
Throne by Born Pretty Store.
The blackest black stamping polish I've been able to play with.
My stamping skills are way behind the point of perfection but I keep on trying. I love playing with plates, stampers and stamping polishes but untill now I've never been able to see such a good image on the claws. 
When I've received this little bottle of black gorgeousness I was thinking it will be the next dissapointment in the stamping games.
Well, I've made a mistake.
Throne   is part of Born Pretty Store White night series -
All five shades are perfect for any occasion and type of nail art. The opacity is fantastic and the drying time is a dream come true.
Lots of other stamping shades are available at the store in the Stamping nail polish section.
Find tons of new interesting stuff at the New Arrivals and don't forget to use a coupon code with your order - TM2X31.

All yours,
Red Frog

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