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Shifting perfection with Born Pretty Store!!!!

Hello my lovelies....
Long time no see but when it comes to nail art and interesting products I'm here again.
While ago I've shown you one of the most beautiful gel polishes I've been able to try on my nails.Check my IG to see the original shot. 
First let me tell you a bit more about Born Pretty Peacock Holographic Gel.
I've never been a huge fan of gel polishes but things had changed since I've received the precious little bottle full of sparkling gorgeousness kindly sent from Born Pretty Store.
*thank you, Alice!
I've choose to try BP-02 Violet galaxy but I'm sure all the shades from this gel polish line worth the chance to be seen in person. The gel polish inside the bottle is perfectly pigmented, filled with tons and tons of shifting particles and gets full opacity after two regular coats over a clear base coat and cured for a couple of minutes under UV/LED light. I've finished the layering with no wipe gel top coat and done - the dream came true.
The Peacock Holographic gel polish line contains - 
BP-01 Destiny fairy
BP-02 Violet galaxy
BP-03 Lotus in hell
BP-04 Butterfly in flower
BP-05 Beatrice
BP-06 Gold wings
BP-07 Red scale
BP-08 Pavo Cristatus
Check out these fantastic names!!! They really are screaming Take me home and paint those nails!
If you want to try any of these gel polishes now is the perfect time - all shades are on sale at the store - 
And if you're curious about some new nail art stuff make sure to check the New Arrivals section.
The shipping is free and if you want to save some cahs use the coupon code TM2X31 at the end of your order.

All yours,
Red Frog

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