вторник, 14 февруари 2012 г.

Day 9 - rainbow nails !!!!

       Hello ladies,
Finally we have sunny day here and I'm sooo happy!!!For today we have the rainbow nails....hm....seems to be very difficult mani but don't be afraid....at least it will be a very colorful mani,right?!.......I've used these polishes:
         From left to right:CA #245,CA #got to check this number lol,Essence Lime up,CA #703,Isabella Dupont #413,Flormar Supershine #another forgotten number:)) and Gabrini Multivitamin #330.
                Few days ago I broke one of my nails and it was necessary to reduce the lenght of all my nails:((( I like my nails longer than this but they will grow.....
                 Wondering how to make this rainbow mani I've decided to make it marbled-easy,good looking/most of the times/ and I figured that I haven't make marbled mani long time ago.Wow...I'm almost sure the last sentence is absolutely wrong grammatical.....but don't bother at all - I think it's only me reading my own posts so.....
 And here are the pics:
 See ya.....xoxoxoxoo..

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