четвъртък, 28 февруари 2013 г.

Monster High with Flormar NO13 !!

    Few strange looking girls or maybe kind of vampires with cute outfits,big eyes and bright hair color are the new fashion trend in my daughter's circle of friends.They are the stars in one tv show called 'Monster High' - don't know what is all about but don't mind this new style obsession.To be honest I think these girls look better than Winx...Oh,if you have a first grade daughter you'll know what I'm talking about...So my little princess loves them.She has a bunch of monster accessories like key holder,cell phone jewels,cell phone case and of course the dolls - Clawdeen Wolf is her favorite.
 I can't believe what I'm talking about....Sorry,guys,for being so childish but sometimes I just can't resist it...So what we have today - lovely bright pink neon creme with some Monster High decorations.
The only problem was - 'Mom,Clawdeen doesn't wear pink...Draculaura is the pink one...But don't worry - you'll make another one for Clawdeen,right?...'
Mom's sweet little monster....

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