петък, 10 юли 2015 г.

#OMD3 - Day Ten - Floral !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
It's Day 10 of #OMD3 and we have Floral nails to be done. Well, I've made mine and the begining of the challenge just because I've wanted something feminine and a bit vintage at that moment. So the floral theme seemed to be a great decision. But as I mentioned few posts ago - I was in some a kind of a really bad luck period at that moment and all ends with a nail broken.
Here is my ruined Floral story - 
I've made my nails with so much pleasure and I really was satisfied at the end. I went to work, I've worked, I went shopping for dinner and Bang! - a sweet juicy melon decided to ruin my day at its end. I just wanted to put the rounded buddy in the bag but the stupid melon didn't wanted to do things right. One melon down - one nail down. What's done is done. But after all I've decided to show you my floral mani no matter one of the guys is missing.
 I can only say - my nails grow fast so in a couple of weeks I hope to enjoy the long clows again.
See ya, lovelies....
Used - 
Zoya Pixie dust Tomoko
Zoya Pixie dust Dahlia - for the thumbs' gradient
Essence Color&go 50 Irreplaceable
acrylic paints, fine brush
All yours,
Red Growing Frog 

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  1. Отговори
    1. Thank you, dear! The melon was killed, copped and eaten:))

  2. Отговори
    1. Thank you! I hate them too:( At least the melon was delicious:)))

  3. The mani/design you did is gorgeous! Love those flowers, and that base! Glad your nails grow fast - hope to see your shaped nails long again soon. Thank you!

  4. This is just gorgeous!!! I want to recreate this as soon as I can, I am in love with this mani ;) I hope to have nails like yours one day too :)

    1. I'd love to see your recreation, Sally! Thanks for being so kind!