вторник, 26 февруари 2013 г.

Blooming Thorns with Zoya Kimmy,Catrice Steel My Soul

It isn't necessary to know somebody in person to feel inspired by his or her work.Sometime certain people bring their magic in every step or every move they make.It's only a matter of perception to feel and recognize this magic and to accept its existence.
There are few people I admire to.In these few there is a lady who is one of the most amazing people I 'know'....cause I don't know her in person.But I love her job,the ideas,the courage to do what she loves and to do it so good.
When I feel empty of ideas or just need a little time off the daily routine there is a place where my always hungry for beautiful nail art eyes can find satisfaction - Robin Moses Nail Art page.
Today's manicure is one of my most favorite creations so I hope you,lovelies,to like it too...

*Inspired by Robin Moses

4 коментара:

  1. oh my goodness, this is so nice. thank you so much! i am honored. :D my love to you and you have BEAUTIFUL nails i would LOVE to paint! :D:D

    1. That will be a dream come true:)))Thank you!!I'm so happy you like it:)

  2. i love you both! Maria you did a great job again!