вторник, 19 юни 2012 г.

Dressed up!!!!

Hello ladies,
Few days ago I've bought myself a dress...yes,dress...for me..real amazing gorgeous dress...I still can't believe how good it looks on me...I'm very modest,ah?...lol....The dress is long with asymmetrical top in black with lovely red flowers and purple,beige and turquoise tribal elements - absolute beauty...
I was looking over the Dress and the idea came through - the next mani was in my head.
Used polishes:
Perfect 226 - lovely blue with light teal undertone
Moda Matte 100 - black matte,need no comment
Acrylic paints
Essence Sealing top coat - to make the glass effect
Posh Quick dry top coat - to dry all this layers I've put on
I'm satisfied...
Hope you are too....

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