понеделник, 25 юни 2012 г.

Red challenge - cream eater !!!!

Hello lovelies,
Nice to see you,ladies...
Another challenge day had come - red and white day....
This combo always reminds me about March holidays - here in Bulgaria we have tradition to make martenitsi for health,good luck and happiness - red and white fabrics split together -
All my ideas were in this tradition line...I wanted something different,something I have never made...And it came - I grab my acrylics and the flat brush and .....
Who the heck eat the cream for my strawberries?!?....LOL...
The base colours - the reds - are Pastel 32 and Flormar Supershine ... both in two coats.Pastel one is a gorgeous red with subtle pink undertone and great fuscia shimmer.Flormar is one of my favorite jelly creams - near to corals,but closer to reds.
As you can see the result is a bit strange but I'm very pleased with it.Just like strange things.....
I definitelly should try this with black acrylic paint...seems easy to recreate O.P.I. Spotted effect...we'll see....
Have a nice and sunny day!!!

3 коментара:

  1. Точно щях да кажа, че прилича на ефекта на Опи- много интересно се е получило! :)

  2. Уникална си, Миме, определено има доста общо с ОПИ-то - по рецептата на Вдовичката ли е?

    1. Благодаря ти ,Иив!!!!Ще ти пиша на лични как се получи съвсем случайно,че иначе народа ще се изпонатръшка от смях :)))))