четвъртък, 27 септември 2012 г.

Day 27 - inspired by artwork !!!!

Back to something I put behind long ago ...
30 day challenge ... Day 27 ...
Seems most of the time I need a schedule for my manis - just to know when and what I want to see on my nails ...
Hello artists and art lovers!!
Long time ago I saw some artworks from one of my schoolmates - Plamen Kirilov and I was WOW!He is good,oh yeah,very good.
So sensual and touching pieces ...The colours,the technique,the details - everything is in a perfect harmony.
It was a difficult work to do - lots of colours to choose,lots of techniques to recreate the style as well as it deserves,lots of time to start,undo and redo.
I think I'm as close as my skills allow me to be ... Be merciful,guys ...
Winter day II    

Winter afternoon


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