понеделник, 5 ноември 2012 г.

Dangereusment sparkles !!!!

Caution:Eye-catching,Breath-taking,Heart-breaking !!!!

Fall time.If you're lucky the sun is still shining around you.If you're not - don't worry,maybe you're in bed with a hot cup of coffee and a nice book ... like me.But I'm only thinking that I'm reading ... In fact I'm staring at my nails ... Wow ... I love this color combo - well known for all of us,right ...Gosh guy brings every color's beauty out of the bottle.The light shifts specks' color from gold to red to green so intensive.Simply gorgeous ... Yeah,you know what I'm talking about ... Holly sh#t,I spilled my coffee ... what a mess ... but these flakes on my nails are stunning ...
So,guys,enjoy this awful weather outside ...And remember: watching your nails while there's a cup of hot coffee around you is not always a good idea ...

 Used:Bourjois Dangereusment rouge,Essence Wake up!,Essence Gorgeous bling bling,Gosh Rainbow

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