понеделник, 19 ноември 2012 г.

Man's club !!!!

Last year the Walker came into my home.One lovely lady send him straight into my hands and that's how our story began.He's not just one of the guys on my polish rack...Noooo,he is The Walker,the one and only,the first indie love of mine.
But he was alone there on the rack,alone with all that girls around.Even Sinful's Neptune couldn't help a lot.They are from different worlds - how could one strong zombie macho live and breathe along with one of the most powerful roman gods?Absolute incompatible temperaments,believe me.
Than something happened...
Another lovely lady send me the holly trio - Mayo,Royal Mattermoaning and Fatty's got more blood.
Walker saw them and lost his self control.He wasn't alone anymore.He knew it was only a matter of time to become one of the Royal club.Good looking gents with fancy pants and dirty language...that's how I like men - hottie,eloquent and naughty....No more lonely nights,Mr....Walker got his guys.

ManGlaze Fatty's got more blood,ManGlaze Mayo,Walker by Polish Amore,acrylic paint,Mini Colorama Sugar crystals

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