сряда, 7 ноември 2012 г.

Under water !!!!

Sit down.Stop the music.Ignore even the music inside you.Do you hear the silence?Now close your eyes.Take a deep breath.Hold it.Hold it.Eyes still closed.Have you ever feel like drowning?Like your heart will explode any minute?Like this single second is your last one?Like the breath of fresh air is the only thing you've ever wanted?Like you feel the salty water inside you?Like the only thing you could do is to give up the fight and relax.There's no other way.
Now breath.
That's what this mani brings out of my kind a geeky head.I still got the feeling of being underwater...in the deep Acetone sea.
 The water creatures:Essence Color3 Midnight date,Essence Color&go Glisten up,Ruby rose 52

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