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10 Question Holiday Tag & BlogHop!

Say 'Welcome' to December!!And let the holidays begin!!!!
I read about this lovely idea at datyorsLOVES and said: Why not?It looks like a great fun....So here are my answers to her Holiday Tag.Take part of it,lovelies,and feel the Christmas spirit a bit earlier than usual....
Holiday Tag
What is your favorite part of the holiday season?
  Spending time with my family!!!
What is one of your family traditions?
  Christmas dinner with everyone's favorite food!!!My mom is a great cooker:))
Whats your go to polish or nail art design?
  Something extremely sparkling,love glitter and Christmas is definitely the best time to put more light on my nails!!
What holiday(s) do you celebrate?
One thing you REALLY want for Christmas?
A custom polish from OPI - made just for me:))
Best gift you have received?
  Still waiting for it....but know it will be amazing...
Where would you like to spend the holidays?
On some warm and sunny island...kiddin'....I want to be at home with my loving family
Have you ever made a snowman, snow furniture, or a snow angel?
  Since my daughter was born I make snowmans every winter!!!
What is the weirdest gift you have ever received?
To be honest I can't remember anything weird...should think about it...
Whats your favorite holiday cookie?
Honey cake and chocolate muffins!
Join in on the bloghop by posting your answers to the 10 Question Holiday Tag at datyorkLOVES.

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