петък, 7 декември 2012 г.

Gone with the glitter !!!!

   Where did my inspiration go?Feel like an empty jar these days....Should do something about it...Looks like this month without buying polishes took my geeky polish spirit away.These days I'm thinking only about how Not to spend my all salary for polishes...for glitters indeed...Don't know where did this glitter hunger came from but I'm not complainin' at all...That's a certain time of my addiction's life,something like a phase maybe. 
    The little gipsy inside me is on the stage again.She'll stay for a while.She's gonna give more color to my dully grey look.She'll make everything festive and sparkling.And that makes me little sad...
      Cause I like her.
      Cause no one knows when she will be gone with the glitter...
 Little gipsy's friends:Flormar Neon N013,OPI Let me entertain you/sponged and layered over N013/,Essence Circus confetti

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