събота, 16 февруари 2013 г.

Confettis.com !!!!

Finally...Glitter topper in black and white.Dream come true.L'Oreal thank you!!
   If you want something so bad that you can't think about anything else - this is obsession.As a polish addicted person I can say there are lots of obsessions in my mind lately.Most of them glitter ones. 
    L'Oreal Confettis is a gorgeous mix of black and white hexagon glitters in different sizes with a touch of micro silver ones in clear base.This topper is like a pair of comfortable black leather shoes - they look good  with everything in your closet.But most of all they look good on you.As red lover I couldn't resist to try it first over bright red.What can I say?...Wow.Just wow. 
     One obsession down.Who's next?..... 
 Catherine Arley 515,Gabrini 336,Perfect S32,L'Oreal 916 Confettis

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