неделя, 3 февруари 2013 г.

Glass of wine for the water marble !!!!

Say 'Hello' to 31!!!Yes,yesterday was my birthday....There was wine,laughter and lots of polish bottles all around.There were many ideas of how my birthday mani should look like...One lovely lady told me it should be colorful and bright.I wanted it to be dark and shiny.Finally we've decided to take some water,some tape and few polishes along with all the glasses of wine.And that's what two 30+ girls made with all the ingredients....The result - too many bubbles on my nails.You understand I remove this mess right after making the photos.Too sloopy for such a special occasion I think. 
What's the lesson of this?Keep on wine-ing and plain polish...cause wine and water marble don't like each other.Or just do your nails the day before the party....Happy birthday to me...lol....
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