петък, 8 февруари 2013 г.

Golden rose Moments vol.1 !!!!

Golden rose made the first step in getting to know us,bloggers,better than other brands.Let's hope this will be the first step to one good and timeless friendship.
Let me tell you how something small and beautiful can turn one awful day into a little fairytale.
Broken umbrella.Raindrops like ice cubes fallin' from the sky.Hell of a wind.Ruined haircut.Wrong bus stop...Still calm.Still walking.Have an aim.Also want to have a drink with two lovely ladies after just an hour.So I'm walking.Hate those rainy-windy-snowy days...Love surprise gifts.Love surprise cosmetic gifts specially when they come in such a bright pink bag...Specially when we talk about a gorgeous mascara and a fantastic kajal stick.
Golden rose ,thank you...You,guys,bring the smile back to my face that day.Ok,not only you - the lovely ladies I met for a coffee after all the hurdles have finished the fairytale.
The last thing,guys - my face is too shy for my camera...and definitely will need your leniency....
To the details...
Golden rose Sexy Black Mascara - very naughty package will gorgeous satin finish of the bottle.The brush is also interesting with that ball like end which definitely is very easy to work with.This is my kind of mascara - intense black,good volume,non friable.
Golden rose Kajal Sticktrue black in such an adorable package,easy to apply,smooth on skin.Perfect.
 Before the magic
  After the magic
So...It was hard not to show my nails in this post.After all Golden rose is one of my favorite nail polish brands.To be honest the main reason is one little treasure I've found recently - Golden rose Multi Dimensions 12.It just scream 'Let me in this post...'...And because I cant stand moaning here we go...
 Golden rose Multi Dimension over black and over pink,Golden rose Jolly Jewels 103
 What else can I say...That's how two small bottles...ok,few small bottles and a cup of coffee in a good company can make your day better than you expected.
*Products were sent for review.All opinions are mine.

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