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Web Inspiration - Sveta Sanders !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
While ago I've became a huge fan of one of the most talanted ladies in our amazing nail polished world - Sveta Sanders - the face behind Lakoman. She makes some of the most beautiful nail art designs and today I'll show you a design inspired by one of them. 
And here is the design that has inspired me - 
It's one of the most simple designs of Sveta Sanders but believe me it's not easy to be made at all. You have to be really fast and furious with the dotting tool -  the polishes get dry too quickly, the dotting tool need to be clean for every each of the dots, sometimes dots just don't want to transfer on the spot you want them to and so on. This gentle nail polish caterpillar has been  a real challenge for me. My admirations to Sveta about it! Take a trip through her Instagram here - @sveta_sanders or visit her blog and enjoy all her gorgeous nail art designs.

Used - 
Golden rose Paris 119 - latte nude creme
Golden rose Wow 92 - light biscuit nude creme
Golden rose Paris 236 - dull mint green creme
Golden Rose Color Expert 92 - grey-ish green with blue hint
Golden rose Selective 72 - plum creme
frankenpolish - mustard yellow creme
Brooklin 3 - white creme
All yours,
Red Frog 

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