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Triple stamping nail art !!!!

Hello, my lovelies....
It's July and it's hot. I'm seeing red hot lava tones when I close my eyes... Hell, I like it. As we all know inspiration can hit you from behind even when you just have closed your eyes.
While ago I've received a sweet box with 26 finger cover molds from Born Pretty Store created to protect your skin while while you're making any kind of nail art. I can honestly describe myself as a messy artist so these pink shields became a nice bunch of friends for me.
You can find them here along with lots of other hot goodies - 
The molds are made from a nice flexible pink plastic in 10 different sizes so you're able to find the perfect one for each of your nails.
 My first thought was about doing some gradient but then my eyes have stopped at my stamping plates and the decision was made - triple stamping! The gorgeous leaves and roses come from BP-79
I've used  three of my Flormar Full Color shades in bright sunny yellow and pumpkin orange to bring this mani to life along with the white and black shades also from the same line.
Take a trip across the store and I'm sure you'll find tons of nail art stuff you'll need to try in person. The New Arrivals section  is one of my favorite....
The shipping is free and why not to use a coupon code - TM2X31!

 Used - 
Flormar Full Color FC01 Over the Alps
Flormar Full Color FC32 Victory of Black
Flormar Full Color FC47 Lemonchello
Flormar Full Color FC18 Salmon Sashimi
Flormar Full Color FC9 Gotta Get Tanned
Born Pretty Store BP-79

All yours,
Red Frog

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