четвъртък, 22 декември 2011 г.

Just before Christmas...

I woke up this morning and  what do you think I saw outside -  snow,snow,snow.....So I decide to put something snowy on my nails - Ruby rose #50 with a little decoration...it's not as snowy as I want it to be but .....
 It's very tender light shade of steel grey with pearl finish.Have great opacity - two coats are definitely enough.This Ruby needs lots of sun light to show its beauty but we are not so petty,right?:)))
I put this Ruby on all my nails exept the ring fingers - for them I decide to make something more shiny..I started with Catherine Arley 805 - awesome black hologram -one thick coat / sorry,but forgot to take pics..next time I won't be so scattered /.

Step 2 - one coat of Art de Lautrec scale effect with thiny white glitters.  I thinks it's calling 'layering'..not quite sure...


While I was waiting first coat to dry I put a rhinestone on every Ruby-polished nail.Btw - these are all the members of today mani group hihiiii..

 After the Lautrec coat I put a Moda glitter one - look on the left:)))..nothing special and outstanding...silver glitter particles in jelly base.
One coat again .

 Step....don't remember the number - last coat of glitter - one no name sweetie from no name brand:)))))...but looks gorgeous on nails / should take some pics of it /....And while the polish was still wet I put some dry white glitter which became turqouise after I put the topcoat....it's not soooo bad...This dry glitter is all over me including in my hair / red as you see in the top of the page / and I look incredible nad shiny hahahhahaahaaa just kidding:))))).
And finally of course 2 coats of Golden rose Quick Dry - I think it's time for me to buy Seche Vite........
  The result:
Hope you like it - no matter it's as snowy as hot coffee hihihiiiiiii....see ya soon!


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