сряда, 4 януари 2012 г.

31 day challenge...let the fun begin:))

First of all - merry Christmas and happy new year!!Wish all my dreams come true this year..ok,and yours too...lol...
After all the holiday manis I made I think it's time for me to start this challenge...to be honest  - can't wait to make the first mani.......crazy woman....
As you can see everything is so simple and easy and most important - it will be great fun!
                                                              Day 1 - Red nails

I think this time to add the images first and then to talk and talk and talk to myself.....At the beginning I  tought I'll use only one red  polish-Flormar /don't know the number unfortunatelly/ but then I saw one of my favorite polishes - S-he 195 - awesome red glitter!!!And the decision was made - Flormar vs. S-he ....
 This Flormar polish is my most used red nail polish-this is my second bottle I'm sure there will be a third and etc.He have great opacity - 2 coats are more then enough.The brush is thick and comfortable.The drying time is more than good - after all I'm using  Golden rose Quick Dry and drying is not a problem.

            S-he 195 - what to say...it's talking on my nails - great super shiny red glitter.Of course with Flormar for base color it takes only one coat to put.On the other hand if you choose to wear only the s-he polish you should prepare with patience - 3 coats will be enough...may be....And the final result:

I put some fingerprints - just for fun...maybe should make a post about it?......Hope you like it...and see ya tomorrow with the orange ones:)))

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