четвъртък, 5 януари 2012 г.

Day 2 - orange nails

             Strange color for this season...but why not..I don't think orange is one of 'my' colors and polishing with it looks a little bit strange.For today I choose one very shiny and sparkling shade of orange - mini Colorama Urban Orange 105.To be honest with you I have never polished my nails with this one.This is very sunny /if I can say so/ color.In the bottle it looks very dense and that's really so.On my nails it takes 2 coats for nice opacity- most of my polishes need 2 coats.This Colorama has little gold sparkles that synchronize great with the base color but I'm not sure do I like them or not?!?!!?......We'll see...
                         As always I start with base - Golden rose No more ridges and yellow - always put base on your nails if you want them to be healthy and strong.And here comes the orange...wowwwwww.....now I'm sure it's really NOT one of my colors hahhahahahahaaaaaa....I put the colorama orange on all my nails exept the ring ones - for them I used  Isabella Dupont 413 - light orange cream with maybe the most awful application Ihave ever seen - 2,3 maybe 4 coats and I'm not even a bit satisfied......but the color is sweet,right?
                   I looked at my nails and tought - something is missing but what???These days my nails are sparkling,colorful,decorated and bright ..... what is missing here????
And I put some silver glitter and few red mini pearls....still not happy:(((((.......at least the cookies were soooooooo tasty.....That's all for now....see ya soon and take care:)

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