неделя, 7 юли 2013 г.

Different Dimensions !!!!

As you probably know there are times in life when we just can't decide what we really want...I think I'm in this kind of situation most of the time...when it's up to what polish to choose.Sometimes I need a couple of days to make the right decision which drives me nuts.In moments like this a little devil sits on my shoulder and whispers in my ear:'Sweetie,you need a new polish...the right one is not on the rack....you don't have the shade you want right now...' and so on...Most of the time I got the balls to kick his little evil ass by choosing something from my rack but sometimes...This time I was strong.The little buddy doesn't have the chance to say much.
I just have to show him who's the boss....
I think about this mani long ago and the day has come.Five different shades.Five different finishes.Five different brands.Five different dimensions of beauty.Let's see them.
- The right five -
Color club Wild at heart - deep purple holo 
OPI DS Magic -strong blue to violet duochrome filled with tons of little glass particles
W7 71 Cosmic purple - blue and fuchsia glitter
Max Factor Fantasy fire - fantastic multichrome
Essence Color&go 87 Passion for fashion - violet creme
Perfect H7 - light violet holo
Well,in fact they are six ...

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  1. I love the mani! They gray tips look terrific with the holo polishes.

    1. Happy to hear that,Jim!!!!I'd never thought they would turn out so good:)))

  2. it looks great!! i love it<3
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