понеделник, 10 юни 2013 г.

Urban punk with Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine !!!!

Few weeks ago.....
She wanted them bright.She wanted them different.She wanted them screaming.She wanted them yellow.Nails for a fight.
Let's see how it starts and why it ends like this....
First - choose the right shade of yellow,it should not be neon but at the same time it should be as eye-catching as Stop sign.Second - do it twice...At least two coats are needed to make it shine.Third - let it dry.Why to wait?Cause you need a smoke....or a snack..Forth - choose the stickers you want to put on this yellow guy.My choice - zebra print with rhinestones...hm...not 'me' style but why not....And here is the second disappointment - my apps were too thick..ugh.Think I need a second smoke.Fifth - took a permanent marker and set your imagination free - writings,crosses,kitties,smiles,hearts - whatever you want.Sixth - the last - top coat...a lot of it.Case closed.
She wasn't satisfied at all.Nails for a fight.....maybe next time.
Essence Color&Go Wanna be your sunshine

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