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Polish Days - To Boldly Go with Manhattan Quick Dry 101S !!!!

It's June..a rainy June here in Bulgaria and it's time for Polish Days!
The theme - To Boldly Go
'....Maybe you’re a Trekkie, or perhaps a Star Wars fan, or maybe just a lover of all thing sci-fi. Maybe you love space and dreamed of being an astronaut. Perhaps like me you just haven’t gotten around to doing a galaxy manicure and this would be a good excuse to give it a whirl....'
How Boldly I am?....Not enough this time.....Sci-fi stuff isn't close to me at all...sad but true.But that's why I accept the challenge to do this mani as good as I can.Well I think it could look better of course but...but.Let's see who inspired me - 
After all the transformations I've made on my nails lately I guess these guys are the best for the occasion.My Transformers.Who helped me this time?Ok,let me introduce you to a stunning foil finish buddy - Manhattan Quick Dry 101S.The perfect Sci-fi shade and finish believe me.And as you'll see - the perfect one for this Transformers mani.
 This boldly beauty has amazing coverage - no more than 2 coats are needed to see it in its full gorgeousness.About the drying time...'Quick Dry'....I can ask for more here or maybe I'm not as patient as I think.I have couple of the other 'Quick Dry' shades and can say cremes dry pretty faster than others...my opinion.The color..oh,the color....I l-o-v-e it.It's one truly tender shade of sky blue...I think if I should draw tears sometime I would like to have this shade of blue in my acrylics.Tears blue....sounds romantic...
But let's get back to my Transformers mani....Polish Days To Boldly Go -
 About the design - not the best I can do but I like it a lot.Working with acrylic paints is always a fun thing to do...
*This product was sent to me for review by Taota Ltd.All opinions are mine.


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