неделя, 16 юни 2013 г.

Black'N'White Upon the Bright with L'Oreal Confettis,Perfect S19 and Flormar N013 !!!!

It's nice...Yeah,it's nice to see those wide open eyes staring at your nails and wondering 'Why the hell she wears something so screaming?'...I like to answer to silent questions like this with my biggest smile - 'Why the hell not?'....First these are my nails and this is my decision..no matter if it's good or not.Second...well,these are my nails and my sick style.I like them both so for me everything is just fine.
You don't like them?Ok.We can't like everything we see.
You like them?Ok.It's great to know I'm not the only one.
You don't have opinion about it?Ok.Go to the top of the page - there is a button 'next blog' on the left...Byeee.
Now let's see these guys -
What we have - 
Flormar N013 - one of the perfect neon pink cremes in the world.Strong color,one coater/for those about to be a bit lazy for a second coat/ and nice glossy finish even without  topcoat.
Perfect S19 - great color with - oh,I don't wanna say it but - awful coverage...for this mani I have a coat of white polish and three coats of the neon green over it.It's worth it.
L'Oreal Confettis - a tuxedo in a bottle,multi-sized black and white hex glitters in clear base.
Me like it.Again.

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