вторник, 18 юни 2013 г.

Perfect Sand with Perfect Sand Polishes !!!!

Perfect brand finally released their sand polishes.The Perfect Perfects.
One of the most beautiful polish collections I've ever seen in 29 shades with sand finish.Am I satisfied?Believe me,guys,I'm in heaven!!!!It was damn hard to choose only 4 of them...but I'm absolutely sure I've made the Perfect choice.So without anymore blah blah - let's see the first couple -
Perfect Sand Polish S67 and S78....
 Perfect Sand Polish S67     -    Perfect Sand Polish S78
Some facts about them - 
S67 - color - light tender pinkish nude with gorgeous micro or even smaller particles dancing in the sand perfection
       - coverage - perfect even in one coat
       - drying time - as all sand polishes I've used this one is with great drying time
       - my opinion - definitely a 'must have'
S78 - color - stunning dusty nude with lots of silver glitter inside
       - coverage - better than the other - an absolute one coater even on long nails
       - drying time - same
       - my opinion - perfect.

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