вторник, 27 август 2013 г.

Doll's Dots with Pool Side Party by P2 !!!!

Good morning,lovelies...
I'm extremely happy to show you today's mani!!Why so?Take a seat,take your cup of coffee and let's see why....
Few weeks ago I took part in a nail art contest hosted by Beauty Expression by Luchessa and Polish Alcoholic - ladies,you are awesome!!!!The theme was named after the latest limited edition collection by P2 - Pool Side Party.
What was my surprise when I found I've won....You just can't imagine how happy was your Red frog.And a couple of weeks later these lovelies came home....Luchessa,you are a sweetheart!!!
These babies are fresh like a cold cocktail and bright as sunlight.They just scream 'SUMMER!!!'.All five have themed names - from left to right - 010 blue lagoon,020 turquoise sky,030 violet summerdream,040 sunshine yellow and 050 new wave.Really gorgeous!!
Some facts about these five beauties - 
Shades - as you can see - stunning!!!
Coverage - really good pigmentation..only the yellow one needs more attention and careful applying - two coats all except the Sunshine
Drying time - pretty good I think...but cool them for a minute before use cause the hot weather makes them a bit sticky
Final thoughts - I'm impressed how much I love them all!

7 коментара:

  1. Eх, че сладки цветовеееее! Да са ти честити! :*

  2. Awww how lovely. So glad you enjoyed using these babies :)
    And Radi is right by saying че сладки цветове!! :)

  3. Много свежо и красиво, Миме!

  4. Сладуресто!Първата ми асоциация беше с бон-бони :D

  5. Многоооо готино се е получило!

  6. Комбинацията много ми допада!