петък, 21 юни 2013 г.

Djeep series vol.4 with Moda Matte 100 and A-England Excalibur !!!!

Hello hello....
The next Djeep series post is ready.As most of you know I collect Djeep lighters and always try to compare my lighter with the polish I'm wearing at the moment.Sometimes it's hard and almost impossible to do the right combo.If my polish doesn't have a lighter mate...well it never has happened.Today's lighters are from my all times favorites -
The black one is covered with leather - it looks just like my black matte Moda polish.The silver looks like it's made just for its polish mate - A-England Excalibur.These lighters are with OCB brand mark stamped on them.
I was waiting for this mani too long...Seems like the idea has washed out a bit or it wasn't the right moment for making this design....Who knows....Definitely I don't.

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  1. Уникално както винаги :)))

    Номинирах те в един TAG. Ще се радвам да участваш :p


    1. Благодаря ти!!!С най-голямо удоволствие ще се включа:)))

  2. I really like these designs! You are so creative.