четвъртък, 4 юли 2013 г.

The bright side of life with Perfect Sand Polish S71 !!!!

Hello hello!!
Nice to see you,guys!!Seems like I'm a bit lazy lately....it won't last long....I think so.
What's new around me?Well,think I'm a truly addicted to sand polishes but I've told you that long ago right?I'm thinking about changing the blog's look...any suggestion?I need a change - want it to look a bit lighter,to feel the summer,to shows the bright side if life...So soon we'll see the new outfit of Red Frog's Corner...
What I have for you today?
Perfect Sand polish in S 71 shade - bright neon sparkling green with sand finish,silver glitter particles and amazing coverage.
The rest of the nails are....well,sponged and hand painted with kind of abstract design which didn't look like this in my mind....At first I was thinking of stripes and hearts but then it went on a different direction.I like it.
I know my post are shorter than before...this will change too.Every polish gets a story here - soon stories will be longer and better.Trust me.

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