събота, 29 юни 2013 г.

Impress me with Golden rose Impression 13 !!!!

They are here and they definitely are GORGEOUS - Golden Rose Impression collection !!
Great amount of colors and combinations in all that gorgeous bar glitters.It was very difficult to choose only one...Now I'm sure there will be a second shopping tour.These guys deserve to have their own shelf on my polish rack.
My choice - number 13 - clear base,black and blueish-teal bar glitters...Awesome contrast between the colors...A bottle full of sea breeze.
But...Yes there is a 'But'.You should have as much patience as it's possible for a woman to have.I tried this baby on its own and over a base coat of creme polish.What can I say?
On its own - pretty hard to cover the nail in one or two coats...three its ok but it's a bit sticky for my taste.No no no - don't even think I don't like it...I LOVE it.Who gives a sh*t about the coverage when there is a Seche or Posh around you?Not me believe me.This Impression is too gorgeous....
Over a base coat of creme polish - fairy-tale....one coat..well,thick coat...and that's all - you're done.
 See ya soon with Golden rose Holidays 58....Be sure to check out my Fb page and if you like what you see feel welcome to comment - Red Frog likes comments.

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