петък, 28 юни 2013 г.

Paint.Polish.Splash with Depend Sand Grey and OPI Stranger Tides !!!!

Gooood morning,guys!!
Where does the summer heat go?Definitely it's not here...Rainy,cold,sleepy weather here in Sofia....Time for some 'stay at home and draw' I think...if I just wasn't at work today....But I should work.Most of the addictions need financial support...badly.
So my inspiration for drawing will stay home but my nails will go out with me...Painted polished splashed.What a mess it is ah?You can see my how messy are my fingers so imagine what is the condition of the table....But the result is awesome.It was a great fun to do such a mess.Definitely will try it with more than one color.Definitely will put more paper on the table...next time.
Look like bob white eggs ah?... 

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