четвъртък, 12 януари 2012 г.

New year - new nails!

     This post is just to show the new form of my nails - I just love it - round and as someone told me they look like water lilly leafs ....woooowww - was nice to hear something like this.Hope you like them as much as I do!
 For this one I used Miss Sporty 470 - very nice deep blue with green under tone - 2 coat were enough but next time I think they should be three....For the ring finger I use Golden lady 55 - very light apple green with tender shimmer - 2 coats,Miss Sporty Sparkle Touch with extra black glitter and just because I wasn't very happy with the result I put one coat Gosh Rainbow - the greatest scale effect polish I have / for now../
      My beloved red - Catherine Arley 800 - the most beautiful holo nail polish!!!!!!Two coats are mre than enough,it dries very fast even without speed dry TC.The ring finger again - on my loving Catherine I put some red glitter and three clear rhinestones.....not so bad I think.....
    That's all for now.See ya soon with the yellow nails....wow...only thinking of this color makes me feel a little strange...

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