понеделник, 16 януари 2012 г.

Day 3 - yellow nails!!!

   Here comes the Yellow....soooo I'm still not sure if I like this color or not...For this challenge day I choose Golden rose Chameleon Effect in golden yellow shade.In sunlight it looks very bright and even sparkling but indoors everything changes.

I put 2 coats - enough I think.For the ring finger I choose Catherine Arley 703 - light yellow pastel in 3 coats because it's very sheer :(((((....I looked at my nails and wasn't happy at all...again...so for the ring finger I used a coat of Gosh Rainbow - this guy is awesome - it turns every polish color into something special..Here are 2 pics of the yellow Catherine - on nails and in the bottle:
Not so bad but still not one of my colors....
                    I looked at my nails for few hours and the decision was made - let make them matte...
     The finish became smooth and silky...I just love it!!!!So.. that's all from me for now....see ya soon..

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