вторник, 20 декември 2011 г.

Matte Zoya Dree...so smooth

Again something old but I like it a lot.This is my first meeting with Zoya polishes and I think I'm in love.First of all the color is awesome - true military green - one of my favorite colors / these days hihihii /.It's a real one coater but as always I put two coats.The brush is big and thick.It dries really fast.Then I take a few hours rest just to stare at it / blushed /.
On this pic my sweet Zoya is next to Seventeen 296 - also a great military green cream,a bit darker.Then after few minutes wondering what should be my next step I decided to put a little scale effect.

Think it's adorable....I just love these colors!!!!!The scale is Gosh Rainbow - the perfect scaler for earth tones / for me... /.Few hours later I was still not quite satisfied.So the last,the final step was to make them matte....

And now I feel good .....Hope you'll like the result:)))) Take care and see ya!!!!!!!

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