понеделник, 19 декември 2011 г.

First post mmmmmmm .... sounds great!

Hi there sweeties!
To be honest I don't really know how to start this first publication but I hope you will be merciful. As we all know it's all about nail polish,right?I don't remember when was my first polishing...maybe I should think about it more ..just kidding:)))Sooooooo...maybe I just have to post few pics to show my work and to let you decide if you like it or not...

   Catherine Arley #800
 I will put the describtions a.s.a.p...sorry Im a little lazy girl hihihihihiii..These are few of my oldest designs.I'll try to post the new ones at the time of making then/mmm,my english is not quite well :(((/.Hope you like my stuff.See you soon...

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