четвъртък, 19 януари 2012 г.


                A quick post for today - Wet'n'wild Magic purple vs. Farmasi #74 with a litt;le bit of  Models own Purple Haze....Mmmmmmmm..sounds really good for me.Hope you like it !!!
           This lovely purple with electric blue and magenta glitter needs at leats 3 coats / for perfect result maybe 4...? / but it is wowwww...magnificient !!!!The strange thing was that it definitely needs glossy topcoat because the finish was almost matte.....
       This Farmasi is almost the same as the Wild thing on top of it.The same glitter - blue and magenta but a little different base - more thick if I can say so.And the finish is better than the Wild one.I put 2 or 3 coats / to be honest I'm not quite sure.../.
       And here is the cherry of the cake - Models own Purple Haze - the most stunning purple glitter I have ever seen on my nails.On its own this Models baby need probably 3 or 4 coats for full coverage with lots of top coats - it's a very thirsty one.On this pic I'm with 2 coats of it...poor me hihihihihiiiii.....
   And now let see the result:
                                                             Wet'n'wild Magic purple
                                       Wet'n'wild Magic purple
                                             Farmasi #74
                                             Farmasi #74
Almost twins,right?...............See ya ....xoxoxoxoxoxooxxoooo

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