петък, 16 март 2012 г.

Day 17 - glitter nails !!!!

                      Hello girls,
         I'm so happy - finally I got China glaze Atlantis on my nails.This was one of my wishlist polishes and now I've already have it......I've layered it with some other polishes just to see how it will looks with different bases.For some of my nails I've used Perfect S13 - the teal shade one you saw yesterday.For the other nails I've used Mr.Nail #14 - awesome petrol green with hidden golden shimmer.At the end I decided to put some extra glitter on my right ring finger and on my left point finger - sponged Essence Blue Addicted.
 Mr.Nail # 14
   As most of the glitter polishes I have this one is also a topcoat eater - I put 3 coats of tc and they just disappear....
                          I just can't stop looking at my nails......love this polish.......

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