четвъртък, 15 март 2012 г.

Day 16 - tribal print ...... my terrible print :((((

                      Hello ladies!
     This time I'm truly ashamed of myself...This tribal print mani became an absolute mess.My hands are so shaky so I wasn't able to make a single straight line :((((..On the other hand I love this colour combo so much that the result doesn't metter at all.Now let me show you the polishes:
Left to right:Catherine Arley #08,Golden rose Nail art #106,Models own Misty grey,Golden rose #126 and Perfect #138
      I think these three pics are more than enough...All nails are without topcoat here - I love the plastic finish of these polishes.All the base colours are in 2 coats that  makes me really happy because I was affraid that this green Perfect will be very transparent and will need more than 3 coats.
And let me show you my last two polishes I've bought yesterday just to settle my polish hunger ... lol:
       These guys are S11 and S13 by Perfect as you can see.S11 is a magnificient raspberry jelly with lots of flakes in it / reminds me of O.P.I. Let me entertain you .... maybe...I don't have it but looking at some other blogger's swatches I think it's a cousin of O.P.I. /.S13 is very interesting shade of teal green-blue close to turquoise.It has very fine shimmer that will come out in the sun.Soon I'll make some swatches to show the colours on nails.

That's all for now...see ya soon.....

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