четвъртък, 22 март 2012 г.

Day 19 - galaxy nails !!!!

      Such a warm sunny day here in Sofia....day for a bright,spring coloured mani...or for some cosmic chic,ah?It's time for my galaxy nails......I've watch sooo many tutorials about this mani and it seems like a piece of cake to do it.And know what?!?!.....it really was lol...but also it was a great fun to do galaxies - the sponge,the shimmering colours - loved it.I've used most of my favorite polishes for this design.Here they are:
 Golden Rose #163 - base colour for all nails,I put one coat just to make the next colours more opaque.This little treasure is the most fantastic deep navy blue with hidden blue and violet shimmer in it.On its own 2 coats are more than enough for full opacity.
China Glaze Meteor Shower - second base colour for my right hand - amazing deep blue almost black jelly base with stunning hex glitter in blue,green and etc.Needs at least 2 coats on its own and lots of topcoat to become glossy.A true-love.....
Classics 3D Effects #61 - second base colour for my left hand - the second deep blue jelly with tons of glitter that I love but this one has purple flakes inside..yes ,flakes - just adorable...when it's alone two coats are enough for full opacity...the sun really loves this one...lol...
      Now let's see the sponged guys - Orly Galaxy Girl,Ruby rose #50,Catherine Arley #674 and some regular white cream for the dots.Here are the chosen ones:
Orly Galaxy Girl and Catherine Arley #674
Ruby Rose #50
After sponging these beauties I put one single coat of Catherine Arley #70 - light violet glitter in clear base - just to "close" my galaxies .......
Are you ready for my cosmic space?
 That's all - sorry for the huge number of pics but I'm so proud of this mani.....hope you like it......See ya soon,ladies:))))

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