петък, 30 март 2012 г.

Day 22 - inspired by song !!!!

      Hello polished ladies,
  It's a good day for a dark mani,ah?It's raining here,there's no sun,looks like the wind wants to take my skirt off...lol....oh,yes - I'm showin' some legs today hahahahaha....just kidding..Let's go straight to the main theme- inspired by song mani.I have so many favorite songs so it was a bit hard to choose only one for inspiration.I was like:this,nooo this..,aaaa this is awesome,naaa this.......and the result is:
This song reminds me of my teenage years - first love,parties,happy days .... My mani didn't become as I want it to be but it's still not bad.I took the roses part of the song as inspiration...Let's see the pics...
  Used polishes:Moda Matte #100/black/ and #105/red/ for the base colours and Golden rose Nail art #105/red/,#106/black,Models own Misty grey and Orkide Art Ist #missing number for the roses.At the end I put some extra matte top coat to finish the whole picture.Not so bad,ah?
  Sooo that's it - like it or not ........
  See ya....kisses

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