сряда, 28 март 2012 г.

Day 21 - inspired by colour !!!!

   It's time for colours - bright,neon colours !!!I still have some untested polishes so I pick 4 shades of bright pink and some other things and here I am with my inspired by colour mani.Let me show you this fantastic flamingo that gives me the inspiration:
   Amazing,ah?!....I found it few days ago wondering what to do with this certain mani.I got it from here:http://www.escapemotions.com/products/flamepainter/index.php - very interesting site,check it out,these guys are great.As I saw it the conception was ready - I have the right colour,glitter and feathers.The only thing that made this mani a bit hard were those feathers - I was very exited about placing them on my nails but didn't figure out how much topcoat will be needed to make a smooth surface.
               The polishes I've used are:Isabella Dupont #417/left pinkie,right thumb - 2 coats/,Golden Lady no number/left ring finger,right point finger - 3 coats/,Catherine Arley #710/both middle fingers - 2 coats/,Perfect S 11/left point finger,right ring finger - 3 coats - this one is just stunning/ and Color Club Fame and Fortune/left thumb,right pinkie - sponged in 2 coats/.I'm so happy with the end result - this bright pinks with shimmer,glitter,flakes and etc. are soooo beautiful,my nails just scream out - LOOK AT ME!!!!!!
Mmmmmmm...I'm satisfied - even the battle between my bright red hair and these bright pink nails does'n bother me at all..Who says pink and red are not a good combination?........

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