сряда, 18 април 2012 г.

Smoked flakes and green ashes!

            It's raining...again...it could  be the perfect lazy day if I wasn't at work..lol....
For today I have the next green mani - this time mixed up with ChG Smoke and ashes ....For the greenies I've used these polishes:
- Light base colour - very sweet lime green by Trendy - one coat was absolutely enough
- Dark base colour  - amazing deep olive green by Gabrini - 2 coats - see here.
- Middle colour - Catherine Arley 803 - 2 coats of this stunning lime green holo
- Effects - left middle finger and right ring finger - a coat of ChG Lux and Lush,left ring finger and right point finger - a coat of Gosh Rainbow
All the other fingers are coated with Smoke and ashes in 2 coats.This polish has great texture,the application was easy and smooth,the drying  was pretty fast and the finish is glossy even without topcoat.When I got the bottle in my hands I was truly surprised of the flakes and glitter quantity.Then when I polished my nails I saw that the sparkles are pretty subtle - just to make the base colour deeper and rich.      
And for dessert some close shots:
 Enjoy and have a great day !!!!

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