петък, 25 май 2012 г.

Here comes the Walker !!!!

Hi all,
These days were a bit lazy and sleepy for me....To be honest doing my nails wasn't the most wanted thing to do....After the earthquake I'm still shaked and feeling strange - here at my place everything is fine and I hope there will be no more quakes.
To the Walker....
As you may remember few weeks ago I won PolishAmor's giveaway - a darker version of the original franken Iris did for her Twinsie friday.I was extremely happy and surprised when I've read Iris' comment - you have won the Walker...And than the waiting...Iris send me a couple of very friendly emails but the great surprise was when I got the package from the post office - there were 2 polishes inside!!!!I friend of mine told me I was looking like a child while opening the package.First I saw the sweet letter and than - two lovely packed bottles - my Walker and...Sinful Colors Neptune.So kind of you,Iris..
Soon you'll see this beauty Neptune - amazing blue with little glass flakes in teal and silver...pure treasure. 
The Walker...
Now he's here and is all mine...
I'm totally and truly in love with this guy - the bottle looks like a treasure between all my polishes on the rack.I'm impressed it's not as heavy as most of the nail polish bottles...and the polish inside is so beautifull....
Good god...that's my boy....
Please excuse my awful cuticles/again:(/...For this shots I put one coat of Flormar 427 for base colour and that was the mistake...No jelly effect on my nails:((((...But I love it - dusty,neutral base with such beautiful glitters.The red hexs are my favorite.With the base I've put I needed two coats of the Walker.I suppose 3 coats will be enough without base colour and the jelly effect will be there.
That's all for now.
Iris,thank you again!

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  1. Фантастичен е! Умирам за такива странни комбинации от цветове, много е красив.

    PS Не че съм параноична, но може би не е много разумно да си развяваш снимки с адреса из необятния нет :)

    1. Има известна логика в това май....не се бях замислила..благодаря ти:)

  2. awwwww Maria..... I'm so glad you liked it :) your mani looks great!