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Guest post - feel the spring with Voprax a.k.a. Blood Red Beauty

Hello girls,
How are you in this sunny day?....
The day had come - we have guest today - Voprax from Blood Red Beauty !!!!!Go and check her blog - you'll find some interesting things there.
She has amazing posts and I'm really a true fan of her writing style.
Now take a seat,grab a cup of coffee and enjoy...
Let's see what she said about her guest mani.....


Нямам думи да ви опиша какво удоволствие е за мен да бъда първия гост блогър в Red polish Or Bad Polish. Реших да се включа скромно - въоръжена само с верните ми помощници: Melly # 59, Avon - Pastel Pink, Melly # 57 и една клечка за зъби, с която оформих цветчетата. Получи се свежа пролетна градинка, която през последните няколко дни ми създава много весело настроение всеки път щом си погледна ръцете. За основен цвят използвах Melly # 59, а за да нарисувам цветчетата използвах Avon - Pastel Pink и Melly # 57.
Дано да ви хареса. Благодаря на Мария за възможността за първи път да гостувам в чужд блог :)




I have no words to tell you what a pleasure for me is to be the first guest blogger at Red polish Or Bad Polish. I decided to turn modestly - armed only with my faithful assistants: Melly # 59, Avon - Pastel Pink, Melly # 57 and a toothpick, which helped me to framed the blooms. It became a fresh spring garden, which brings me joy every time I looked at his hands in the past few days. For the primary color I picked Melly # 59 and to paint the blooms Ive used Avon - Pastel Pink and Melly # 57.
Hope you like it. Thanks to Maria for giving me the opportunity of a visit to a foreign blog :)


Lovely and sweet,ah?....
Now straight to the pictures - the mani is really joyful and definitely worth your attention.

This green is a little treasure....and the combo with the daisies makes it absolutely beautiful.
Looking at Voprax' pretty and sweet short nails I'm so into cutting my LONG nails off....Don know what to do,girls....I love them long so bad.....
Oh,enough complaining....it's so sunny and warm outside.....Take some joy from this spring mani and get out of your house...Go and enjoy the sun,hear the birds and say 'Hello' to a stranger - I promise he'll give you a smile :)))
Thanks again to Voprax and hope I'll see lots of guest posts here......

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