четвъртък, 12 юли 2012 г.

Dirty holo secret !!!!

Hello girls,
After the bright neon I was wearing for the last couple of days I thought it's time for something less visible from airplane..lol...On the other hand I'm so in love with neon colours this summer...My long nails look huge with neon colours...but I like them....Back to the main theme...
I wanted something tender,light but still shimmering...Last week I've recieved 4 holos by Depend - so sweet little bottles,so intense rainbow effect.And there was the answer - some shimmer,some holo,more light and violet...oh,as you know violet and purple shades are my second favorites after reds.
I've made my choice - Depend Holographic 2032,Essence A lovely secret and one of my most loving polishes - Catrice Dirty berry.
Look at this lovely shimmer...so sad it's soooo subtle on nails...
Essence A lovely secret
All three guys are opaque enough at 2 coats.I got a little issues only with the Berry - but let's say it was so hot yesterday,just can't blame this treasure.....
Catrice Dirty berry
About the Depend holo - I was ready for at least 2 coats but just before starting to polish my nails I've decided to put a coat of the Berry under the holo Depend.And everything was ok - full opacity and great holo effect.
Depend Holographis 2032
Left middle finger and right point finger are with a coat of Depend 2032...
Now let's see all the shots:
Just love the shots with my feet...If you're curious - I wear O.P.I. DS Reflection on my toes thanks to one of my polish fairies - Radi,hunny,(hug),(kiss)...you are one amazing lady!!!!
So I think that's all for today....
Hope you enjoy your few moments here as much as I do....
Love ya....

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  1. love the holo, looks fkrn awesome! I have a lovely little secret, I haven't tried it yet, but it does look pretty in the bottle too bad doesnt transfer to the nail so well

    1. Yeah,the Secret it really pretty and the holo...omg,love those holos:)))

  2. Този коментар бе премахнат от автора.

    1. Hugs! I love your nails and style, and creativity! :*