петък, 19 октомври 2012 г.

I dare ... vol.4 !!!!

Sunny but cold autumn morning.Secret garden in a forbidden park somewhere in England.Washed white wooden bench,forged iron table with only one cup of tea.Woolen scarf and yellow leafs.Silence.She waits.But nobody's comin'.
Smoked sun hidden in the angry sky.Few rain drops for the tea.Few tears for the past.And a smile for the future.He found the garden,the bench and the empty tea cup.She's gone.Only her still-warm scarf on the ground was left.He's gone too.
 ' Our only chance to speak once more,I showed you the answers, now here's the door...'
The shades:
Essence Colour&go-old collection-Where's the party? - dusty violet/green duochrome...imagine moonlight dancing over spring green meadow - right point and left ring finger
Essence Colour&go-new collection-Chic reloaded - rich duochrome in the same colors but more violet...if ' Where's the party? ' is a highschool student ChR is his bigger sister - both middle fingers
Essence Colour&go-new collection-Walk on the wild side - deep forest gren with subtle micro flakes in bright grass green - pure as the fresh air in the cold winter morning
Colour club Wild at heart - deep strong purple holo -sensual sexy and vibrant purple holo - the naughty one in our crew
Perfect /missing number/ is pretty similar to Where's the party? but a bit darker and intense - left point and right ring finger.

'I'm leavin' you for the last time,baby....'

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