понеделник, 22 октомври 2012 г.

My Pink !!!!

I love pink.
I love it since I've start loving my polishes.
Not all shades but there are few kick-asses on the rack behind me.
My pink should be strong and vivid.A Pink for Alecia Beth Moore ... you know what I mean,ah?...A pink that makes other colors look sad and dull.A pink to remember ... A Pink that screams 'B*tch,that's a pink!'...So believe me you won't find Barbie here.She doesn't have the balls for that pink ... Maybe Ken does ...
My pink and its mates:
Perfect 125 - stunning fushcia pink touched with blue shimmer
Essence Colour&go 95 Wanna be your sunshine - sunny yellow w/subtle shimmer
Miss Sporty 346 - where is it? - hidden between the pink and the yellow,this baby is one magnificent teal that changes pink to awesome purple and brings out the hidden blue in it.Simply kickasstacular.
This pink just radiates awesomeness.A truly pink-ass.
My pink. 

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