понеделник, 1 октомври 2012 г.

Man can glaze !!!!

Say 'Hello' to my new loves - Mayo,Fatty's got more blood and Royal Matte-rimoaning!!!You can find your love here - if you pass the Asshole-test ...
My babies are here thanks to Sarah from Samarium's swatches  .Be sure you'll find great stuff at Sarah's place - go and check it out....
 Sometimes just can't live without them.
Sometimes they're a real pain in the as$.
Sometimes they brings the hell out of us with a single word.
Sometimes they are the reason for us being a bitches.
Sometimes they are the only pit stop - they are our fuel,they are our mechanic,they hold the key to the bolide.
Sometimes men are those who make one of the greatest polishes ever.
That's why I love them ... at least today ...
No more words.Just smooth matte polishes,gorgeous deep colors and free hand chevrons.

In conclusion - men can glaze ... they really do ...

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